Nállu (1595m)

Day 5 and 6: Nallo – Vistas & rest day

Light and shadow


After the Super-Nordlichtnacht we are already awake at 7:30 a.m. and still a bit excited and tell our Swedish hut colleague, who didn’t want to get up during the night, how intense the play of shapes and colours was. We have breakfast in peace, chat with the landlady and for the descent into the Visttavággi […]

Aurea Borealis / Northern Lights / Nordlicht

Night 4: Northern lights / Aurora borealis

Ride of the Valkyries


When you drink a lot of tea at the hut during the cosy evening and then wake up in the middle of the night and know that you have to leave not only the warm sleeping bag but also the halfway warm hut, it is anything but pleasant. It gets better when you look out […]

Ein erster Blick auf die Nallo Fjällstuga vor dem mächtigen Nallo, im Hintergrund der Šielmmácohkka

Day 4: Sälka – Nallo

Stuor Reaiddávággi


After the exhausting stage yesterday we let the day begin comfortably, whereby Heidi and Markus unfold clearly more activity. We wake up halfway as the two of them heat up the Swedish stove. While we are still snuggling up in our sleeping bags, Heidi is already grabbing the yoga mat, Markus his Nikon and they […]

Der Weg führt zwischen Liddubbákti und Sinničohkka durch, vorbei an den Seen

Day 3: Kebnekaise Fjällstation – Sälka

26 varied but long kilometres


At 6:20 the alarm clock rings. Since we have a long stage ahead of us today, we soon go to the breakfast buffet. The buffet offers a lot of choice, but we are not allowed to eat too much, after all we have to move again right away. On the way back to the hut […]


Day 2: Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise Fjällstation

Tour start in best mood and in best weather


We can hardly wait for the start anymore, that explains the atypically early alarm clock at 7 o’clock and the fact that we are the second at the very rich breakfast buffet shortly afterwards. We enjoy the breakfast, knowing that the next days we have to shorten our culinary time. After breakfast we clean up […]


Day 1: From Lichtenwörth to Nikkaluokta

Lichtenwörth – Schwechat – Stockholm – Kiruna – Nikkaluokta


Finally Sweden again 🙂 A departure on Monday has the clear advantage that we can pack comfortably at the weekend. The alarm clock at 3:30 a.m. is nevertheless very early. After preparing a small breakfast for the airport, Sissy and Karl take us to the airport at 4.15 – many thanks for the always reliable […]