Gränsleden – Nordkalottleden – Narvikfjäll

Hiking in the border area of Sweden and Norway, from Ritsem to Riksgränsen

After two fantastic tours in the Swedish Fjäll, this autumn’s long distance hike takes us to the Norwegian-Swedish border area. Our tour starts in Ritsem and leads west on the Gränsleden until we reach the Nordkalottleden and follow it north. In this section our route runs alternately in Norway and Sweden. At Gautelisvatnet we leave the Nordkalottleden and walk through Caihnavagge and Narvikfjell to Riksgränsen. In total, our tour covers a distance of about 190 kilometres.
Norway 2018 – The route
Gränsleden – Nordkalottleden – Narvikfjell
by Markus
Day 1: Gränsleden Ritsem – Sievgok
Finally back in the north!
by Elisabeth
Day 2: Gränsleden Sievgok – Akkajaure Västenden
100 steps and clattering Reindeer
by Elisabeth
Day 3: Gränsleden Akkajaure Västenden – Sårgåjávrre
A tale of swamp crossings and rainbows
by Markus
Day 4: Gränsleden Sårgåjávrre – Røysvatnet
From the Gränsleden to the Nordkalottleden, without a sauna at all
by Elisabeth
Day 5: Røysvatn – Kåbtåjaure
Lakes, reindeer and great views
by Markus