About translation

Starting September 2018 we strive hard to make the articles on our blog accessible to foreign users. We run this little website in our free time and right now we do not manage to manually translate the content to English. However, translations done by computers are improving every year and two fantastic services are available online free of charge: Google Translate and DeepL.
We use DeepL to automatically translate our pages and afterwards do a quick check on the quality, correcting some major flaws. We kindly ask you to take the English parts of our Website as an additional service and want to point out, that we can not take any liability for the quality of the translation and problems that might arise. In any case, the German content is the reference. Due to technical reasons we can not provide a translation for image captions automatically right now – however, if you need a translation for a specific image caption you can use the services mentioned above yourself.
Still, we hope that the offered semi-automated translation is helpful to you. If you experience any troubles or have suggestions for a better user experience, please send us an email to info@lustwandler.at.