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Hej hej,
welcome to Lustwandler.at!
We’re glad you’re stopping by and joining us virtually on one or the other trekking tour. Here we reveal to you who is behind “Lustwandler.at”: We are a couple from the east of Austria. Elisabeth, Germanist and word acrobat with her own agency, and Markus, IT guy, photographer and professionally active in the field of research funding.
We are together for more than 25 years and we spend most of our annual vacation on the road. In the past, it was mostly 3-4 week tours with a borrowed motorhome, which took us through many countries in Europe and additionally always short city trips. On two tours with the camper in the far north we have fallen in love with the landscape and the impressions of the day hikes in the swedish fjäll have not let us go anymore.
A few years later we left the camper at home, flew north and spent three weeks with tent and backpack on and off the Kungsleden (Schweden). Two people, who had never stayed in a tent or a hut in their lives, go on a trekking tour for three weeks, come back – and are completely addicted to trekking fever. In the following year we went on two trekking tours, one in the southern highlands of Iceland (Fimmvörðuháls, Laugavegur and Hellismannaleið) and another one again in the swedish fjäll (Nikkaluokta via Sälka, Nallo, Vistas, Alesjaure, Unna Allakas, Abiskojaure and Kårsavagge to Abisko), this time in autumn with fall colors and northern lights. The enthusiasm is unbroken, hardly back, we are already planning for 2018 a hut tour in Piedmont (Valle Maira – travel report follows 2022) and an autumn tour with tent in the Norwegian-Swedish border area (From Ritsem to Riksgränsen: Gränsleden, Nordkalottleden and Narvikfjell).
A year later we trek again in Iceland, this time on the old horse trail, the Kjalvegur (travel report also follows in 2022). In the fall follows a very special trip for us: crossing the Île de la Réunion from north to south.
We run this small blog as a hobby to take family, friends and generally travel enthusiasts from the German-speaking region virtually on our tours. We have found many suggestions in outdoor forums or other blogs and would like to give back knowledge and tips about our routes to the community. Our tour reports are structured accordingly: usually one article per tour day, there are maps, route descriptions, experiences and stories along the way and of course lots of photos.
If you want to stay up to date, you can subscribe to our silent Newsletter (maximum 4x per year, rather less) and/or like our Facebook-Page (which we are always very happy about). Otherwise, we look forward to your comments, experiences and additions in the comments on the individual posts!
All love
Elisabeth and Markus