Blick auf den Torneträsk

Day 19 – 20: Abisko

After the nights in the tent and in the sleeping bag in the cabins…
14. December 2019/by Elisabeth & Markus
Rallarveien (Blick zurück)

Day 17 – 18: Hunddalen – Katterat – Riksgränsen – Abisko

Hooray, today the weather is actually more beautiful! We decide…
30. November 2019/by Elisabeth

Tag 14 – 16: Čunojávri – Kvilebu Oallavággi – Hunddalen

After two lazy days in the perfect hut for chilling out, it's…
16. November 2019/by Elisabeth & Markus
Entlang des Čáihnajohka hinunter in das Čunovuopmi

Day 11 – 13: Čáihnavagge – Čunojávri and two resting days

In the morning we are still super tired from yesterday's block…
16. November 2019/by Elisabeth
Blockfeld beim See 1094 (Blick zurück)

Day 10: Skoaddejávri – Čáihnavagge

The day begins stormy, at least the sun is shining and with 10°C,…
14. July 2019/by Markus
Elisabeth beim Schreiben des Tagebuchs in der Skoaddejávrihytta

Day 9: Sitas – Skoaddejávri

Eggs sunny side up! Fried bacon! Bread! Coffee! Orange juice!…
1. July 2019/by Markus
Baugevatnet und Paurofjellet (von der anderen Seite)

Day 8: Baugevatnet – Sitas

We have to master a few meters of altitude in the morning. So…
23. June 2019/by Elisabeth
Zelten unterm Sternenhimmel (Baugevatnet)

Day 7: Pauro – Baugevatnet

After a very pleasant night in the hut we start after breakfast…
23. June 2019/by Elisabeth
Nordic reflections

Day 6: Kåbtåjaure – Pauro

Next stop: Pauro! We start fully motivated, with bright sunshine…
18. June 2019/by Markus
Verträumte Wolken über dem Spadnejávrre

Day 5: Røysvatn – Kåbtåjaure

We slept so well - one night all alone in a cosy hut, in absolute…
15. June 2019/by Markus
Nach der Brücke über einen Zulauf des Sårgåjávrre

Day 4: Gränsleden Sårgåjávrre – Røysvatnet

After we made good progress yesterday, we don't have it very…
10. June 2019/by Elisabeth
Wir gehen nicht grad in Richtung Schönwetter....

Day 3: Gränsleden Akkajaure Västenden – Sårgåjávrre

A good hiking day starts with a steep ascent - or something like…
2. June 2019/by Markus
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