Roche Écrite, Crête de la Marianne, Crête d'Aurère mit Piton Cabris, Rivière des Galets und im Hintergrund in den Wolken der Morne de Fourche

The map shows a very overgrown wall, the height lines are close together. It is hard to imagine that a path runs into the Cirque de Mafate here, but it does, the GR R2 is marked here. In less than 4 kilometres of trail, it descends 700 metres in altitude, and in the steepest part […]

Im Feuchtwald auf etwa 1.800 m Höhe

We didn’t really sleep well that first night. Everything is wet and smells a bit moldy. The mood does not improve when we put on the wet clothes at 6 o’clock in the morning. Socks, underwear, shirt, pants, fleece: all wet. We try to take it with humor and trust the reports that this is […]

Day 1: Gîte de la Plaine des Chicots (1.839 m)

Ascent through the mystical rainforest


Tamarin des Hauts

Silence. Some birds are singing. An intense forest aroma. The path at the beginning is relatively wide, the roots of the Japanese sickle firs run crisscross. Again and again the path is terraced with boards, although it is not really steep, probably a tribute to the extreme rainfall. We put one foot in front of […]