Piton Chisny

The vegetation zones of today’s route can be described as follows: From the Lower Austrian “Bucklige Welt” to the tropical rainforest, from there via Scandinavian moors to the Icelandic volcanic desert. And all this in only 7 hours on the Île de la Réunion. But let’s start at the beginning. The first look out of […]

Leuchtende Farben links und rechts des Weges

This post is not called part II by chance – who missed the first part: Lustwandler reading recommendation – it is actually about the summit day of the Piton des Neiges, the only 3000 m peak on the island, you can find the article here. Now we are back on today’s route from Refuge de la […]

Seflie am Gipfel des Piton des Neiges (3.070 m)

Traditionally, Piton des Neiges is climbed before daybreak to admire the sunrise over the ocean from the summit. We have a long way to go today, as the actual day’s trek is Refuge de la Caverne Dufour to Bourg-Murat, a long descent from 2,479 m to about 1,600 m, with minor counter ascents and about […]

Day 9: Piton des Neiges (Basecamp)

Short and tough ascent to the Refuge de la Caverne Dufour


Aufstieg zum Piton des Neiges

The next big challenge is the summit tour of Piton des Neiges, the highest mountain on the island and the Indian Ocean. Since, as you know by now, the sight is always best in the early morning hours, today we hike to the base camp, the Refuge de la Caverne Dufour, to climb the summit […]

Day 7 und 8: Cilaos and a resting day in Cilaos

It’s about the journey, not the destination … isn’t it?



In the morning, the ascent from Marla (1629 m) to the Col du Taïbit (2081 m) is awaiting us. We start at 8 o’clock, step by step we ascend in serpentines until we reach a beautiful forest with mimosa trees. To our right is the mighty wall of the Rempart de Mafate. After 1 hour […]