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Day 12: Piton de la Fournaise

The only 3,000er of the island, the extinct volcano Piton des Neiges we have already climbed a few days ago – today we are at the Piton de la Fournaise, which is with 2,631 m only slightly smaller. With an age of approx. 400,000 – 500,000 years it is clearly younger and in contrast to […]

Day 10 – Part II: Descent to Bourg-Murat

This post is not called part II by chance – who missed the first part: Lustwandler reading recommendation – it is actually about the summit day of the Piton des Neiges, the only 3000 m peak on the island, you can find the article here. Now we are back on today’s route from Refuge de la […]

Day 10 – Part I: Climbing the Piton des Neiges

Traditionally, Piton des Neiges is climbed before daybreak to admire the sunrise over the ocean from the summit. We have a long way to go today, as the actual day’s trek is Refuge de la Caverne Dufour to Bourg-Murat, a long descent from 2,479 m to about 1,600 m, with minor counter ascents and about […]

Day 6: Roche Plate – Marla (via La Nouvelle)

From Roche Plate there are two paths that lead to Marla. On the one hand, the GR R3 via Trois Roches and Îlet Plaine des Sables and our GR R2, which leads via La Nouvelle to Marla. While the first one has a gentle 750 meters of altitude and is about 8 km long, the […]

Day 1: Gîte de la Plaine des Chicots (1.839 m)

Silence. Some birds are singing. An intense forest aroma. The path at the beginning is relatively wide, the roots of the Japanese sickle firs run crisscross. Again and again the path is terraced with boards, although it is not really steep, probably a tribute to the extreme rainfall. We put one foot in front of […]

Réunion 2019: The route and tips for hikers

The Sentier de Grande Randonnée No. 2 (R2) is the crossing of the island from the capital St. Denis in the north to Basse Vallée in the south. The tour is scenically incredibly varied, especially the variety of different forests on Reunion fascinates. The typical tropical mixed forest of the island (“Bois de couleurs des […]

La Réunion 2019: Prologue

2019 is a very special year for us, a truly extraordinary year! See for yourself and pay attention to the small details in the following image: YES! We got married on September 14, 2019. “Lustwandlerlike” in the “Buckligen Welt”, outdoors, by a pond, accompanied by family, many friends and a cool jazz duo playing piano […]

Day 10: Skoaddejávri – Čáihnavagge

The day begins stormy, at least the sun is shining and with 10°C, it is not cold. Especially not when it’s uphill again right after the hut. We start at 8 o’clock and want to be in Čáihnavagge before the announced bad weather arrives. This means that we now descend from our 1100 m altitude […]