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After our first trekking tour in Sweden in summer 2016 we instantly knew that we need to come back as fast as possible and so we had two trekking tours on our agenda in 2017. In July we were on an 11-day tour in the southern highlands of Iceland and in autumn on a 12-day tour in Sweden, where we experienced our beloved Fjäll on a hike through the side valleys of the Kebnekaisefjäll in autumn colours and with northern lights.
Time flies by and 2018 we had a lovely tour in Piedmont from cabin to cabin (Valle Maira) and an autumn trekking tour with tent in Norway and Sweden from Ritsem to Riksgränsen, walking the Gränsleden, part of the Nordkalottleden and finally trails in the Narvikfjäll. Starting May 1st, the articles from Norway/Sweden will be published!

The Journey – Lichtenwörth – Gällivare – Ritsem

Here we go again!


At 4:15 Sissy & Karl, who our loyal readers know well by now, pick us up and take us to the airport. Our large and heavy backpacks (well, that can be cheerful!) have to take the big luggage counter again. The AUA plane to Stockholm starts on time at 6:45 and we arrive in Sweden […]

Norway 2018 – The route

Gränsleden – Nordkalottleden – Narvikfjell


After two fantastic tours in the Swedish Fjäll, this autumn’s long distance hike takes us to the Norwegian-Swedish border area. Our tour starts in Ritsem and leads west on the Gränsleden until we reach the Nordkalottleden and follow it north. In this section our route runs alternately in Norway and Sweden. At Gautelisvatnet we leave […]

Nissonjohka und Nissončorru

Day 13: Kårsavagge – Abisko

Snow, fog and perfect autumn colors


Today is already our last stage, about 15km through the Kårsavagge, rather downhill. We get up at 8 o’clock, very tired and the snorer himself looks very tired too, at least! We have crispbread with salami for breakfast and are invited by the Swedes for fresh coffee, the first coffee since the Kebnekaise mountain station. […]


Day 12: Abiskokaure – Kårsavagge



After a quick breakfast with some porridge we leave at 9:30 am. I’m very tired today, not the best conditions for the 700-meter climb (from 488 m to 1120 m) on the first five kilometers. 😐 The path first leads us along the lake shore, then uphill through the forest. The path is characterized by […]

Fjällbjörken (Gámavuopmi)

Day 11: Unna Allakas – Abiskojaure

Lovely autumn colours in Gámavuopmi


Today we hike through the Gámavuopmi from Unna Allakas to Abiskojaure. It is by far the most colourful stage on our tour. The autumn colours are the absolute highlight, the mountain birches shine in all colours from yellow to red, the Fjäll is also autumnally colourful. Once again we are very lucky with the weather, […]