Verträumte Wolken über dem Spadnejávrre

Day 5: Røysvatn – Kåbtåjaure

Lakes, reindeer and great views


We slept so well – one night all alone in a cosy hut, in absolute seclusion. Our alarm clock goes off at 7.30 and we are really well rested. We pack our things, clean our little hut – you remember: leave it always more beautiful than you found it yourself. Emptying the sewage, fetching enough […]

Nach der Brücke über einen Zulauf des Sårgåjávrre

Day 4: Gränsleden Sårgåjávrre – Røysvatnet

From the Gränsleden to the Nordkalottleden, without a sauna at all


After we made good progress yesterday, we don’t have it very far to the hut today. The alarm clock rings at 7 a.m. so that we can get to the hut early and enjoy half a day in the hut. We dally a bit in the morning, but at 8:40 we starts. The first sunbeams […]

Wir gehen nicht grad in Richtung Schönwetter....

Day 3: Gränsleden Akkajaure Västenden – Sårgåjávrre

A tale of swamp crossings and rainbows


A good hiking day starts with a steep ascent – or something like that. From our campsite at the lake we go up through the birch forest. It is shortly after 10 o’clock, once again we used our usual hour to pack. Today’s schedule after yesterday’s exertions is clear: we go as far as we […]


Day 2: Gränsleden Sievgok – Akkajaure Västenden

100 steps and clattering Reindeer


When we wake up, we realize it’s not going to be our day. Markus has such a strong headache that he feels sick. We slowly dismantle the tent and at 10 o’clock we start today’s tour. We’re making good progress, the first section is mostly downhill. The following picture shows our way today: On the […]

Unser Weg schlängelt sich um viele kleine Seen und Sumpfflächen

Day 1: Gränsleden Ritsem – Sievgok

Finally back in the north!


At 14 o’clock we finally start our tour! We take the road towards Sitasjaure and soon turn left to Gränsleden, which is hard to miss with a big sign. Today’s stage takes us to the Sievgok resting hut, where we will pitch our tent. According to our plan this is 8 kilometres, we expect to […]

The Journey – Lichtenwörth – Gällivare – Ritsem

Here we go again!


At 4:15 Sissy & Karl, who our loyal readers know well by now, pick us up and take us to the airport. Our large and heavy backpacks (well, that can be cheerful!) have to take the big luggage counter again. The AUA plane to Stockholm starts on time at 6:45 and we arrive in Sweden […]

Norway 2018 – The route

Gränsleden – Nordkalottleden – Narvikfjell


After two fantastic tours in the Swedish Fjäll, this autumn’s long distance hike takes us to the Norwegian-Swedish border area. Our tour starts in Ritsem and leads west on the Gränsleden until we reach the Nordkalottleden and follow it north. In this section our route runs alternately in Norway and Sweden. At Gautelisvatnet we leave […]